What is TightSculpting?

TightSculpting is a unique non-invasive laser treatment that combines two procedures.  One for sculpting and another for skin tightening on all body areas.  Our laser gently and safely heats the target tissue remolding and rejuvenating the surrounding tissue.  During the second procedure, our laser tightens the skin by generating new collagen, resulting in an overall improvement of contour laxity and elasticity in the treated area.

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Tight Sculpting in Glendale

How Does It Work?

Often many of us have stubborn areas that need a little help.

TightSculpting is a non-invasive Four-Dimensional approach using two advanced lasers in one treatment.  The pulsed energy from the laser has been shaped and optimized to specifically treat the target tissues.  The interaction of the shaped laser energy with the target tissue remodels, tightens, and rejuvenates the surrounding tissue leaving the Epidermis intact and refreshed.  The result gets you closer to your ideal shape that you feel comfortable in.

Areas treated: Neck (Front), Chest, Abdomen, Back, Upper Arms, Buttocks, Upper Legs

Tight Sculpting in Glendale

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